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Chairman's Welcome

Jonathan Swift, Director of Content, Insurance Post



Opening Keynote Address

Hear the market leader discuss their journey from small start-up to mass market disruptor, and understand how the coupling of traditional insurance with innovative technology created a major leading insurance company. Understand how coupling a traditional insurance model with innovation technology allowed this company to become one of the most recognised Insurers within its sector.


InsurTech Partnerships in Practice: What makes a good partnership?

Get inside the head of industry leaders who have developed successful partnerships, and discover what insurers and InsurTechs are looking for when entering into a new business collaboration.
Understand how you can best take advantage of the opportunities available:

• InsurTechs, get on the radar! Understand the best pathways to develop a partnership, and who you need to approaching and how.
• Insurers, get ahead! How do you identify the right partnerships for maximum benefit and which new entrants could work best with you?
• Understanding the complete process, from presentation to execution, from both sides of the table, how to stand out as an InsurTech and how best to secure the perfect partnership for insurers.
• Enhance your understanding on the new areas that InsurTechs are developing into, and learn how they can benefit your business.

Arslan Hannani, Head of Market Management Retail GI, UK, ZURICH INSURANCE
Tobias Taupiz, CEO, LAKA


InsurTech Power Pitch: Kick start your partnership today!

• Hear from newest talents in the sector; three minute power pitches from emerging start-ups
• Hear LIVE feedback from industry leaders
• Understand what it takes to successed in developing a partnership
• Hear from InsurTechs and insurers on how to thrive in this new digital era

Harvey Smith, Digital Partnerships Manager, CHUBB 

 10:25:                                                         Caffeine Hit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Big Data and Blockchain: Deciphering the Application

Emerging Tech : Developing Insurance into a New Age


IoT and AI: Increasing Customisation


Data: When is bigger always better?

• With the data universe growing from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion by 2020, how do you get the best out of your data to reduce the potential loss through fraud?

• Explore the effect and impact of GDPR, on the availability of data for us.

• Understand how big data can impact your company's knowledge of pricing, underwriting and risk management.


Insuring against the unknown: Understanding the development of new policies

• As major opportunities emerge through the development of new sectors such as the Gig economy, how can new technologies help us understand new risk profiles?

• The ability to be a market mover: Understand how your company can be at the forefront of change.

Harry Franks, CEO ,ZEGO

Pay what you risk: Impact of customisation through AI and IoT

• How will increased data from machine learning and machine sensors impact on the cost pricing modelling for risky customers' premiums?

• Exploring best practice to tailor accurate price modelling and enhance trust from customers through the use of technology.

• Translating IoT and AI into the best strategies for tailored, personalised policies.


Huma Lodhi, Principle Data Scientist, DIRECT LINE GROUP  

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

 Are we just jumping on the data bandwagon? Is data just a fad , or can it offer real use and relevance within the insurance industry?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

As society and the way companies develop change, are current policies in need of updating to keep up with the rest of the digitalised world?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

What effects will regulations have on the development of IoT/AI and how it impacts on the development of customisation?

11:25                                                              10 Minute Transition time                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Big Data: Driving mass customisation

• Harnessing big data to build personalised offers to customers based on their preferences, and allow you to build customer loyalty.

• How can behavioural data enhance innovative services and streamline the purchasing process?


Virtual Reality today, Augmented Reality tomorrow?

• Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

• Exploring the opportunities that Augmented Reality has for your customer by delivering a faster more interactive process.

The impact IoT has on the Insurance business model: Mitigate vs Militate

• IoTs potential to change your business model to preventing risk and reducing claims.

• How IoTs are changing the way the future strategies are being implemented in your company?

• How likely will the customer accept this form of insurer?

Lou Lwin, head of Enterprise Architecture, MARKERSTUDY


 Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

How far are we willing to use big data? Will browser history or social media post come into consideration?

 Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

How can augmented reality be used effectively at quote stage?
Does new technology always give the solutions you need?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

How will IoTs change the day to day running of your company?

12:05                                                            10 Minute Transition Time                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Blockchain: Moving into the digital light

• What is the potential to remove legacy platforms using Blockchain and how viable is it?

• With Blockchain having the ability to improve customisation, what hindrance will GDPR have in making this possible?

Ken Marke, Chief Marketing Officer, B3i

The Culture of Transformation: Employee 2.0

• Preparing for digitalisation starts with the work force. How will traditional insurance roles develop through digitalisation?

• Understanding the future workforce, and how employees and employers can work together to achieve optimal transformation.

Laurua Mulleny, Associate Director, BGL GROUP

AI: Making your customer experience the best it can be

• What extent will machine learning impact on customisation?

• Exploring the opportunity that AI and machine learning have in customisation?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

How realistic are the aims of Blockchain within the insurance industry?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

What steps should be put in place to ensure the retention of your workforce?

Interactive Wrap Up: Have your say through the interactive platform Slido.

How will AI impact on your end delivery process?


LIVE Showcase on the practical applications of Blockchain 

LIVE Showcase on the practical applications of AR

 LIVE Showcase on the practical applications of IoT

Adam Rimmer, CEO and Co-Founder, FLOODFLASH

13:00                                                                           Networking Lunch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Crisis Time, Huddle Up!

Come together to brainstorm the solutions to the problems facing the industry.

- Amazon have just bough over insurance company X, and are about to enter the market, what would your first move be and how would you adapt?
-  Your CEO has just announced that she is moving over to 100% AI automation, how do you ensure that the employees within your department's job are still relevant post transition period?             

-  A major data breach has occurred within your company, you have 72hrs before it becomes public, what do you do?                    


2025 C-Suite Panel

As the insurance industry slowly develops into a full-fledged digitalised sector, how will the data driven, analytical and customer-focused insurer look.

• Explore how the future use of big data, Blockchain and AI will give customers the experience they desire.
• How far have insurers adopted cognitive technologies, to prepare for the digitalised future, and what lessons can you learn?
• How will partnership and collaboration help build the utopia of insurance?

Meghan Anzelc, Chief Analyst Officer, AXIS CAPTIAL
Charlie Blackburn, CTO/CIO, AZUR


Closing Keynote Address

Understanding how other industries use technology to get the most out of their customer. Come and listen to the story of leading experts who have been at the forefront of customisation for over 20 years.
Hear how the sector and technology has changed and developed, and how you can get the best out of your technology.

Clive Humby, Chief Data Scientist, STARCOURT


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Closing Comments

Jonathan Swift, Content Director, Insurance Post


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