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Chairman's Welcome

Swifty, director of content, Post


Opening Keynote

Winners of Best InsurTech start-up in Silicon Valley, simplesurance belong to the most successful company in Germany.

Hear from the CEO regarded as one of the top 100 most innovative people in Germany, and how he developed a business to offer their own product as well as technological solutions.

Explore their coupling of traditional insurance with innovative technology by creating new distribution channels within e-commerce channels and mobile applications.


Robin von Hein, founder and CEO, simplesurance




C-Suite Brexit and Data Panel cgi-logo-color-jpeg


Get inside the heads of our industry leaders and discover how different roles are influencing digital strategy at boardroom level.

  • Discuss movement possibilities with Brexit looming, and how to maximise access to the European market.
  • What are the predicted impacts for business and collaboration for insurers?
  • Is Big Data really solving all your problems?
  • Is automation increasing the distance between you and your customers?

Juan de Castro, chief operating officer, Hiscox
Robin von Hein, CEO, simplesurance
Tim Kunde, co-founder, Friendsurance
Kevin Thompson, CEO, Insurance Ireland
Paul Wishman, global vice president, CGI
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Mix and Match Streams




Digital Disrupters

From Start Up to Scale Up


A focus on the approach to agility from start-ups to incumbents.


Take a look inside the different collaborations and find out what it takes to innovate with the times.

Premium 1


Technology 101

Tech yourself Lucky 


Learn about the technologies being utilised on the path to being Agile.


What are the opportunities in the utilisation of these technologies, and will GDPR limit their effectiveness?

Premium 2



Sharing is Caring


What are the implications on the deliverance of policies with the expanding sharing economy and connected technology?


Discover what the changing face of insurance means for underwriters and claims handlers.

Premium 3


Largescale Disruption - Delve into the insides of an Incumbent


  • With disruption of the industry the focal point of digital initiatives, discover the steps incumbents are taking to achieve this. Can their experiences determine how you move towards agility?
  • Can you spot the improvements applicable in your delivery chain? Where are you missing opportunities to improve customer relations and decrease costs?
  • Find out whether all the fuss over innovation is really worth the results. Discover how incumbents can emulate the agility and disruption associated with a start-up.



Kevin Gaut, chief technology officer, SSP
Innovate like a Butterfly, Agile like a Bee - Can anyone achieve both?
  • Are you focussing your innovation efforts on the right parts of the delivery chain? How are your customers responding to improved digitisation, are you missing the focal points?
  • How is digitisation revolutionising claims handling? What are the effects of the shift towards software being the first point of contact, are these initiatives worth the implementation?
  • Make sure you're aligning with the direction of the digitisation trends, or maybe you'll spot an untapped opportunity?

Jane Disney, industry principle & value adviser - financial services, SAP
Bart Patrick, director - insurance EMEA, SAP
Hyperconnected Business. Your World from a New Perspective - Insights for the Insurance sector


  • Are your customers ready to part with their personal data for a better customer experience?
  • How are you preparing to use that data to provide personal and customisable solutions?
  • Do you have the capabilities and technology in place to deliver an IoT service that mitigates risk, reduces fraud, identifies new revenue streams, all whilst ensuring maximum regulatory compliance and data security?



Mark Boulton, director for insurance, UK and Ireland, Fujitsu


Transition Time


Ready for Launch - A Start-Up Focus


  • Hear from a start-up who has just released its pilots, and discover the steps it took to reach this point.
  • Already there? Compare your next steps: how can you maximise the returning data potential in order to position yourself best for phase 2?
  • Find out how to approach the right investors and make sure you're looking at the right acceleration / incubation programmes.


Gustav Holst Stuge, CEO, InMyBag
Jonathon Roomer, co-founder, Yu Life
Brigitte Small, CEO, Arowana

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The Key to Success? - How Blockchain could help Revolutionise your Business


  • Explore the existing uses and foreseeable potential of Blockchain technologies. Can it be a key enabler for your business?
  • Learn about existing successes and discover how Blockchain can set apart your business and ensure a direct line with your customers.
  • Will this technology prepare you for smart contracts?



Jenny Williams, accelerate partner, XL Catlin

Big Brother is Protecting You - How can Connected Technology Shield your Customers?


  • With connected technology sweeping its way into all sectors, learn about its implementations outside of the sector. What are the mirrored implications for your business?
  • Examine the effects this technology has had on the industry: is it a phase or are customers relishing in the opportunity for increased control and should you be offering this to them?
  • How can we protect customers, and just how broad is the range of applications.

Mike Downing, chief technology officer, WPA




Transition Time


Pushing for Growth - Are Accelerators right for you?


  • Follow the timeline of an idea inside a start-up studio. Track the footsteps which created an idea and follow this through to the point of release.
  • Explore the value of extracting isolated groups in order to develop innovative ideas and products, should you be investing in this?
  • What do investors want from you? What are the start-ups expecting?
  • Prepare yourself against identified challenges in design and testing, are you headed for an unforgiving wall?

Janthana Kaenprakamroy, CEO & founder, Tapoly
Michael Muzio, chief executive, now 4 cover

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Saviour or Slaver? - Is Big Data the Big Answer?


  • Is change really happening now? Overview of the trends impacting our industry and how to operate a digital transformation of insurance mammoths to adapt to these trends.
  • What is the role of Big Data and AI in this digital transformation? Is it the magic pixie dust or simply an easier way of doing the same thing?
  • Hear the evidence and decide if big data is really offering an express path to innovation and the insurance revolution. Should you be looking elsewhere?




Raphaël Caruso, head of innovation lab UK-NEUR, Euler Hermes Digital Agency

My Car is Your Car - Explore the Sharing Economy



  • With the number of car owners decreasing, and the rise in companies such as ZipCar, what does this changing economy mean for you?
  • Are you giving the ‘temporary' insurance market the appropriate attention it deserves? Why can't you afford to ignore it?
  • Determine the implications on underwriting of policies, protect yourself and protect your customers.
  • Make sure you aren't left behind because you turned a blind eye: find out how best to get customers to notice your extended reach.




Tim Kunde, co-founder, Friendsurance



    Transition Time


Inside NASA - How Large Insurers are Innovating


  • As a large insurer, what steps can you take to innovate efficiently and quickly?
  • What are the difficulties in implementing transformational propositions across the business.
  • How can incumbents ensure they are improving the relationship with the customer by meeting their needs?

Adam Rates, head of strategy and architecture, Allianz UK


GDPR - The Fines are Coming


  • With the new rulings imminent, are you going to need to rebuild your database? How can you get your customers to give you the required consent before the deadline?
  • Are you prepared for all the restrictions GDPR puts in place for data sharing? What are the consequences if you get this wrong?
  • Do these regulations make AI and Machine Learning developments redundant?

Peter Townsend, head of financial crime, legal counsel, RSA



Alexa... How Are You Going to Change Insurance?


  • How are intelligent personal systems going to force you to change your approach to the shape of insurance products and the distribution thereof?
  • On demand availability of insurance versus usage-based insurance. Is this the new frontier for customers, for insurers, for distribution partners?
  • Why are insurance/reinsurance companies teaming up with InsurTech start-ups? Why are distribution partners looking for new partners to deliver insurance solutions/platforms for their customers?


Niall Barton, CEO and co-founder, Wrisk






Creative Thinking Huddles - Roundtable Discussions




Come together to brainstorm the solutions to the problems facing the industry.


Upon arrival we will be handing out "solution papers," where you can anonymously propose resolutions, or share your opinions on the following current trending topics.





Discussion 1:

How far into the future are large insurers looking in their approach to innovation?

What strategic steps are being taken to keep insurers abreast of digitisation?

How do they look to plan for future developments?Ageas


Parul Kaul-Green, head of UK strategy, m&a and innovation, AXA
Ken Marke, head of strategic futures, Ageas UK

Discussion 2:

How is the digital transformation in the industry improving customer satisfaction?

How are digital transformations implemented inlv-liverpool-victoria-slate-3drgb10cm large insurers, what are the challenges?

How can we tackle the lack of diversity in the sector?


Heather Smith, digital transformation director, LV= GI


Discussion 3:logo

How has the approach to marketing changed with digitisation?

Do customers respond better to digital marketing? 

What are the limitations of relying on digital platforms?zurich-logo


Kate Astall, head of digital marketing, Zurich
John O'Sullivan, founder, 24-7 Ideas

Discussion 4:bibalogocmyk

Learn about BIBA's Innovation Working Group.

How can brokers better work with InsurTech business to keep up with the digitisation of the industry?

Why insurers need to engage with brokers to increase the uptake of InsurTech amongst brokers.arthur-j-gallagher-logo


Vivek Banga, chief digital officer, Arthur J Gallagher
Andy Thornley, head of corporate affairs, BIBA

Discussion 5:

Discover what it takes to successfully scale-up as a start-up, from the UK's first InsurTech.new-grad-450x

How can you make an informed decision on which technologies to utilise, in order to maintain agility?

What does it mean to be a digital insurer?


Phil Williams, managing director - MGA, Simply Business

Discussion 6:

Where lies the opportunity for the most disruptive innovative technology implementation?

What are the perceived blockers to implementing innovative technology solutions.cgi-logo-color-jpeg

How do consumers expect to buy insurance now and in the future?

What data do insurers need to unlock to meet customer expectations and how can technology help this?


Andy Searle, director of consulting - insurance, CGI

Discussion 7:

How RPA can be used to deliver more intelligent, productive and cost effective automation.

Where are cognitive and AI technologies having the biggest impact in the robotic-human uipath-vectorial-logocapability gap?

Explore the proven results and benefits in automation case studies from the sector.


Ian McGregor, vice president, sales - EMEA, UiPath
Discussion 8:

How do you maximise the effectiveness of your communication strategy in your business which is transitioning from a paper based world to a digital world?

Do insurers need to unify both offline and online modes of communication to meet the demands of the hyper connected consumers - choice, convenience and personalised service?espire-logo

Is crafting a robust, personalised omni-channel communications strategy right to win over digital customers?

What is the way forward with insurance consumers seeking a more relevant and personalised communication?

Pravin Patel, director - UK & Europe, Espire Infolabs
Discussion 9:

How GDPR compels the transformation from being a policy centric to customer centric business. What benefits will GDPR compliance deliver for your business.pb-hor-r-rgb-grd-pos

How could you service multiple SARS without a central set of customer data?

How does a single view of the customer ensure omni-channel consistency?

What value can be driven by augmenting your customer data with AI, Social and Big Data?

Luke Robinson, director - channel specialist sales (EMEA), Pitney Bowes

These ideas will be shared and developed, where will you find your inspiration and your next strategy for success?



Huddle Feedback

Hear the key responses and feedback from each roundtable.

An opportunity to learn the key take away points from the day's discussions.


C-Suite Reflection Panel salesforce-logo-4c-8-13-14


Bring together the key ideas from the day and discuss the importance of a personalised approach to insurance in an increasingly digital world.

  • What separates disruption from innovation?
  • What is the balance of personalisation in an increasingly digitised sector?
  • What can we learn from the disruption of other industries to do it better?
  • Which technologies are anticipated to have the greatest impact in the digital revolution?


Cheryl Agius, CEO of GI, Legal and General
John Higgins, SVP customer success & growth, Salesforce
John O'Roarke, founder, ABC Investors
Matt Poll, co-founder and CEO, Neos
David Williams, technical director, AXA Insurance

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Closing Keynote

With over 7.2billion policies sold and serving more than 492million customers in a 3 year period, Post welcomes ZhongAn to deliver our closing keynote in what is an exclusive - their first UK appearance!

Learn about their innovative ecosystems, and how this has been used to offer scenario-based products.

Explore their approach to better understanding their customers in order to develop a more valuable product.

Hear about the utilisation of AI and their cloud platforms in order to become the biggest start-up name in the industry.

Wayne Xu, COO, ZhongAn Insurance




Swifty, director of content, Post


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