Digital Insurance World | Programme 2016


Our holistic event gives you the opportunity join forces with a wider range of digital pioneers, technology evangelists and business leaders than ever before. And with three parallel streams you can pick and mix from a delicious selection of inspirational keynotes, quick fire updates and thought provoking debates. If that is not enough to tempt you we are also hosting a live hackathon, the human design centre and lunchtime sandbox sessions!

Don't ignore digital, prepare for the disruption on our doorstep and ensure you have the support network and inside information you need to thrive as we carve out our future.

Welcome to our world, say yes to digital. 

08:30 | Meet and greet 

Mingle with like-minded peers and grow your digital network over breakfast

09:00 | Chairman's welcome

jonathan-swift-photo-web  Swifty, director of content, Post

09:05 | Opening keynote: How can digital save insurance from itself?

"The customer's perception is your reality" - Kate Zabriskie

Too often for the insurance industry our reality is a world where customers don't understand our product, don't trust us, and can only differentiate on price.

With the dawn of digital comes a golden window to change the way the industry engages with its customers.

How can we use digital to...

  • Craft a high level of customer engagement?
  • Design propositions around the way customers perceive their need? 
  • Deliver an experience that fits the way customers live their lives?
  • Use customer data to build engagement?

At Munich Re we want to get to the core of our industry's tribulations by partnering with the disruptors who are changing the way insurance is experienced by customers. 

Key takeaway: Our customers are ready to engage with us: it's up to us to take the opportunity and make our industry better.

Andrew Rear, chief executive, digital partners, Munich Re

09:35 | Hackathon

As part of our drive to push innovation within insurance, we want you to experience a Hackathon first hand! Top hack teams will be working from scratch on a project chosen by you, the idea being to show how to develop an idea to a prototype in just a few hours, with the right technology, mind-set and skills. The day will finish with a live audience vote to crown our winning team.

Chris Hyde, pre-sales manager UK, Mendix

09:50 | The Human Design Centre: Use design thinking to drive differentiation, innovation and change

A word from our innovation partners Pancentric Digital summarising the success of this year's Digital Insurance Collective meet-ups and how to get involved in today's ‘Human Design Centre'. Where you can find out about introducing design thinking as process for innovation in your business.

An interactive introduction to design thinking, the 21st century problem solving methodology that the Harvard Business Review describes as "coming of age". This new approach will help businesses that are struggling with the combined threats of unstoppable digital and disruptive new competitors, by bringing the focus of all their activities back onto what really matters - designing services and propositions that customers really value.

James Downes, strategy director, Pancentric

10:00 | Influence the boardroom: Get inside the heads of our industry leaders and discover how different roles are influencing digital strategy at boardroom level.

Our c-suite panel brings together top decision makers from a range of roles and companies. They will discuss the impact of the digital revolution on the insurance sector and how they are driving the transformation needed for our future success.

  • What digital challenges keep you awake at night?

Key take away: A rare opportunity about the rapidly advancing pressures of working in a digital world.

John Barnes, chief digital officer, Incisive Media
Leigh Calton, head of R&D, Ageas UK
Andrew Rear, chief executive, digital partners, Munich Re
Richard Williams, former chief information officer, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance

Chair: Paul Dix, head of strategy - insurance, CGI

10:45 | Caffeine hit

11:15 |  Mix'n'Match streams: Create your own personalised agenda, tailored to your priorities, with a choice of 3 streams in the morning and 3 streams in the afternoon.


and digital thinking

Data, analytics
and algorithms

Technology and the
connected world


Stephen Lathrope, chief customer officer, SSP

René Schoenauer, product marketing manager EMEA, Guidewire

David Martin, solution specialist, Progress


Survival guide: Preparing for disruption

"Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance" Gary Hamel, Strategos

2016 has brought a tough new regulatory environment, a rise in power of the emerging markets and a rapid evolution of customer expectations.

How can we survive the uprising of InsurTech? Meet customer demands: simplicity, transparency, mobility, speed and engagement.

But playing catch up to trends won't cut it. Anticipating change is critical, as is having the processes in place to source and experiment with continuous innovation.

Key takeaway: Optimise. Innovate. Think Bigger. Win the heart of the consumer.

Matt Connolly, founder, Tällt Ventures

Survival guide: Drowning in data

"You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data." - Daniel Keys Moran, computer programmer and science fiction writer

We all know that data is vital when making informed business decisions. But with such an abundance of data streaming in from all directions, do we have the capability to capture, store and mine this data effectively?

Which functions within the insurance industry have the potential to be transformed by data, reinvented by analytical insights and driven at breakneck speed by algorithms into the future?

René Schoenauer, product marketing manager EMEA, Guidewire

Survival guide: The rise of technology

"Technology is anything that wasn't around when you were born." - Alan Kay, computer scientist

The world we live in today has changed dramatically from the one we were born into. As technology evolves at an exponential rate it is hard to imagine what world we will be living in 20 years from now.

As ‘technology adopters' our generation will soon start to struggle to compete as the ‘digital natives' come of age.

Craig Beattie, senior analyst, Celent



Start-up show case: Grass roots insurance

Pecha Kucha style presentations gives you a peep into the world of five different insurance start-ups.

  1. On demand | Humphrey Bowles, co-founder, GUARDHOG
  2. Data and IoT | Patrizia Cozzoli, chief operating officer, Domotz
  3. On demand | Matt Wardle, co-founder, Kasko

Showcase: Innovations within data analytics and algorithms.

Pecha Kucha style presentations give you insight into the top innovations within our industry.

  1. Telematics data in personal motor products | Ian Brown, managing director, Towergate Smart Motor
  2. Loss data and predictive modelling | John Davies, managing director - risk finance practice, Marsh
  3. Connected technology | Kristian Feldborg, technical director, PolicyCastle
  4. Fighting fraud | Adele Sumner, head of fraud, RSA

Show case: Emerging technologies

Pecha Kucha style presentations gives you insight into the top five emerging technologies that will impact the insurance sector in the future.

  1. Chat bot | Alberto Chierici, data scientist, COO & co-founder, SPIXII
    Renaud Million, CEO, SPIXII
  2. Internet of Things | Ali Crossley, customer and development director, Junction Insurance
  3. Drones | Mark Jackson, director -aviation division, Crawford and Co


Interactive crystal ball panel: Time to ask the audience what they think the future holds and discuss the live poll results with our panel of start-up and disputation experts.

Matt Connolly, founder, Tällt Ventures
Patrizia Cozzoli, chief operating officer, Domotz
Humphrey Bowles
Matt Wardle, co-founder, Kasko

Interactive crystal ball panel: Time to ask the audience what they think the future holds and discuss the live poll results with our panel of data experts.

Ian Brown, managing director, Towergate Smart Motor
Kristian Feldborg
, technical director, PolicyCastle
Adele Sumner, head of fraud, RSA
John Davies, managing director - risk finance practice, Marsh

Interactive crystal ball panel: Time to ask the audience what they think the future holds and discuss the live poll results with our panel of technology experts.

Craig Beattie, senior analyst, Celent
Alberto Chierici
, data scientist, COO & co-founder, SPIXII
Mark Jackson, director -aviation division, Crawford and Co
Ali Crossley, customer director, BGL Group

12:30 | Lunch and networking


Innovation and digital thinking
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Data, analytics and algorithms
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Technology and the connected world
Powered by Progress


13:35 | Through the looking glass: Discover the innovation, imagination and investment transforming the fourth largest financial services corporation in the world.

  • Innovation: from ideation to execution.
  • Customer experience: What does great look like and what is the bedrock.
  • Cultural change: in a high regulated and risk averse business.

Key take away: Creating a future friendly operating model

Ian Hood, head of digital, Fidelity International and a member of the UK executive committee.

13:35 | Using social media data to optimise insurance

With an abundance of information flooding in from social media, how can we turn the tide to our advantage and avoid drowning in a sea of unstructured data?

With the right technology we can float above the mass of expanding data and reel in the most relevant chunks. Structuring this data into customer demographic profiles gives new and exciting opportunities in both underwriting and creating tailored customer experiences.

Iain Harper, chief executive, InMyBag

13:35 | Five critical capabilities to achieve radical automation in insurance.

Success stories from across the world about how a range of companies are digitally transforming their business through deep automation, slashing operational costs and delivering better, faster customer service. Explore best practices about where to start, learn about the five critical capabilities to achieve radical automation, how to measure ROI, and how to mature on your mission to digital transformation.

Mark Allen, chief technology officer, Progress


14:05 | Welcome to the Thunderdome: it is time to listen to our customers or face the harsh consequences.

Start by having your say, answer our live poll questions. We will then reveal the results of our exclusive consumer survey. How will the industries opinion compare to the publics?

This session will give you the insights you need to create an evidence based strategy. A window into the mind of what our customers really want!

Our experts will conduct and an in-depth analysis of the consumer survey. They will highlight the most important insights and discuss how digital strategies can be best used to evolve our customer experience to the next level.

Key takeaway: Look at your customers in a fresh light and meet their needs head on.

Stuart Booth, director of digital for the UK, RSA
Dylan Bourguignon, CEO, so-sure
Ali Crossley, customer and development director, Junction Insurance
Neil Hart, client services director, Consumer Intelligence
Paul Heybourne, head of digital innovation & new business, Aviva Digital Garage


14:05 |  With great data comes great responsibility

"I really believe that we don't have to make a trade-off between security and privacy. I think technology gives us the ability to have both." John Poindexter, national security adviser

We are under increasing scrutiny as to how we handle our customer's data. It is vital that we learn how to store and use our data responsibly not only to keep the regulators happy but to earn our customers trust.

Matt Cullen, assistant director, head of strategy and head of data & analytics, ABI



14:05 |  6 steps: from incumbent to agile

How can we utilise robotic process automation to improve agility and act like a start-up when we are not!?

  1. Streamline | create a manageable and cost effective portfolio of products
  2. Simplify | so you can communicate with your customers easily through better and quicker decision making
  3. Improve compliance | clearly see where you are meeting regulation
  4. Save money | by lowering IT implementation costs and reducing over spend
  5. Invest | increase your transparency and release money tied down by reducing your levels of liquidity
  6. Grow | Deploy policies faster and at scale

Desiree Zoutenbier, senior business information analyst, Aegon
Arthur Maaskant, senior actuarial analyst, Aegon


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14:15 | The big data big debate: Protecting our customers

Every day we create 2,500,000,000,000 (2.5 quinitillion) bytes of data. 90% of the world's data has been created in the last 2 years.

Is it possible to derive value from this data whist securing privacy and increase trust amongst our customers?

The abundance of data is revolutionising the way we assess risk. We now stand on the tipping point between individual pricing and pooled risk.

How can we utilise the insights data gives us without undermining the social value of insurance?

Do we risk creating an underclass of high risk individuals, priced out of insurance all together?

Which side will you take as we debate the biggest ethical question our industry has ever had to face?

Matt Cullen, assistant director, head of strategy and head of data & analytics, ABI
David Evans
, data protection officer, Swiss Re
Patrick O'Kane, compliance counsel, Markerstudy
Gillian Tomlinson, chief data officer, RSA

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14:30 | Smart technology on the path to disruption

We are seeing a shift from claims handling business to a risk prevention one, driven by data and enhanced customer insight. The rise of "Smarter" customers will push insurers for customised solutions and risk prevention benefits. Simultaneously non-insurers such as distributors will also strive to make clients feel safer at home to increase customer engagement.

The insurance industry is finding itself within a dynamic ecosystem composed by empowered customers, energy suppliers, telcos, start-ups, devices manufacturers, tech giants in which mastering partnerships will be key for success.

What does the future of our business model look like in a world dominated by smart technology?

Cecilia Sevillano, head of partnerships - smart homes, Swiss Re


15:00 | Stream round up: Building your business case for digital

You are all here because you are passionate about embracing a digital future and moving your company forward into a bright future. This session will pull out the key points from the innovation and digital thinking stream and present them to you in a way that will help you build a business case to put your digital strategy into action.

Stephen Lathrope, chief customer officer, SSP

14:45 | Spotlight session: Artificial intelligence in banking

Using the latest developments in machine learning and AI to turn your data into an ever evolving personalised customer journey.

  • How can we design better conversations with our customers?
  • How can we provide useful information and insight for our customers?
  • How can we provide better help?
  • How can we recreate our great personal relationships at scale via digital?

Noel Lyons, director of digital design,
Barclays UK

14:50 | NextGen digital innovation

Meet Ed, a young insurance professional with a passion for transforming insurance into a shiny digital profession.

  • What was it like transitioning from a large corporate to a start up?
  • Can you give us an update on TOM (London market targeted operating model) and what do you think its biggest challenge is?
  • How is NGIN driving innovation?
  • What can we do to attract a diverse talent pool into our sector?

Edward Ventham, account manager, Digital Risks


above cont.

15:10 | Stream round up

René Schoenauer, product marketing manager EMEA, Guidewire

15:10 | Stream round up

David Martin, solution specialist, Progress Software


15:15 | Caffeine hit

15:35 | Inspirational keynote: How will emerging technologies affect insurance?

As editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine, David stays ahead of the trends transforming our world. His insights come from continually investigating companies and entrepreneurs that are changing our business landscape, recently spending time with the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Nest and countless other disruptive start-ups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen.

Today, David will be sharing cutting edge updates about the emerging technologies that are poised to change the whole concept of insurance.

  • What does ubiquitous connectedness mean to us?
  • Getting the most out of abundant real time data.
  • Real examples of how FinTech is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.
  • The impact of the predicted peer-to-peer boom.
  • How should you respond to changing customer expectations?
  • The future of the insurance product as it moves away from pooling for unknown risk to permanent polices with accurate, data driven risk ratings.

Key take away: The world is never going to move this slowly again. Gain an understanding of how technologies are coming out of nowhere at an expediential rate and effecting everyone. Don't assume that the next 10 years will be like the last.

David Rowan, editor-in-chief, WIRED magazine

16:20 | Big fat digital insurance quiz of the year

Get into teams, crack open a beer, pop the wine and put your digitally savvy minds to the test! Who will be crowned champion and claim the prestigious bragging rights?

Hosted by Nick Richardson, sales director, Duck Creek Technologies

17:00 | Hackathon results

After seven gruelling hours what will our hack teams have to show you? A lightning round of presentations and comments from the judging panel will help you make your final decision. The live audience vote will crown one lucky team champion!

Chris Hyde, pre-sales manager UK, Mendix

Meet the judges:

Leigh Calton, head of R&D, Ageas UK
Jess Day, head of brand & creative hub, Simply Business
James York, innovator-at-large, Worry+Peace

17:25 | Goodbye
jonathan-swift-photo-web  Swifty, director of content, Post

17:30 | Close

*Draft agenda - subject to change


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