A-Z of Insurtech

A-Z of Insurtech

A to Z of Insurtech: 26 reasons you cannot miss Digital Insurance World

A if for Amazon [and Acko]: meet and hear from the insurtech backed by the much talked about tech giant


B is for Blockchain: Discover the potential to remove legacy platforms using these platforms


C is for Customer experience: To what extent will machine learning impact on customisation?


D is for Digital Insurer: How do you consign decades of process and practice to the scrap heap to succeed in the new world?


E is for Executive buy-in: Our C-suite sessions will explore how to get board room buy in for your plans


G is for Gig economy: Zego’s Harry Franks will discuss the major opportunities here


F is for Fatigue: Has the insurtech bubble burst? Is the digital momentum slowing?


H is for Half full or half empty?: In answer to the fatigue question, Digital Insurance World will give you a great opportunity to sense check whether you are in the half full or half empty [optimist or pessimist] camps


I is for Incumbent: From RSA to Zurich; from Direct Line to Axa, we have plenty of major insurers on board to share their experiences


J is for Jacqueline McNamee: The latest major market figure to turn to insurtech, having previously run AIG in the UK


K is for Kick-start: Is it too late to get on the digital bandwagon? Do you feel you are behind the insurtech curve? This event will give you tools to kick start a winning strategy


L is for Lloyd’s: Shirine Khoury-Haq, the market’s chief operating officer, will explain how the market is seizing the digital agenda.


M is for Monster Data: Because Big Data has been done to death.


N is for Networking: Digital Insurance World offers unparalleled access to the greatest minds working across the insurtech spectrum


O is for ‘Of Things’: As in the ‘Internet Of Things’ and how IOT data will impact everything from claims settlement to increased customer retention


P is for Partnerships: What makes a successful partnerships, and what do insurers and Insurtechs look for when entering into a new collaborations


Q is for Questions: Unlike some events where speakers and panellist preach to a room, there will be plenty of opportunity to interrogate and question our roster of experts


R is for Robotic Process Automation: How can RPA develop from an automated processing system to having a human level of understanding with the use of AI?


S is for Staff 2.0: Preparing for digitalisation starts with the workforce. So how will traditional insurance roles develop through digitalisation


T is for Tesco Club Card: The man behind the once revolutionary idea, Clive Humby, will give an insight into the future of customer loyalty


U is for Underwriters under threat: Does Artificial Intelligence spell the end for traditional insurance roles?


V is for Venture Capital: Is there still plenty of investor appetite for insurtech?


W is for #wakeupinsurance: That is what we are trying to after all


X if for XL Catlin: The insurer’s Jams Breeze will explain how to embed artificial intelligence into an organisation 


Y is for ‘Y’: As in Generation Y; how are you planning to attract millennial customers?


Z is for Zasti: See power pitches from a host of insurtechs including this start-up